HIV in Cambodia
The first case of HIV was detected in Cambodia in 1991, after which prevalence increased steadily ...
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KHANA supports a strong network of community-based implementing partners in 20 provinces and...
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Welcome to KHANA !
KHANA is the largest national NGO providing integrated HIV prevention, care and support services at the community level in Cambodia.

KHANA works through a strong network of community-based implementing partners , our connection to the communities that we serve. Our focus on community-based responses and our extensive experience in Cambodia give us a deep understanding of the socio-cultural context of communities affected by HIV, and a structure and programme that is strongly aligned with the national response. Our programmes have focused on:

KHANA’s key intervention areas include integrated care and prevention...

The Global Fund called for the closure of compulsory treatment programs to change sexual orientation, compulsory rehabilitation of sex workers and compulsory drug detention centers. The Global Fund committed not to finance programs in such facilities.
KHANA and its Centers of Excellence (CoE) and Non-Centers of Excellence (non-CoE) make a screening campaign for HIV on the Water Festival days which last three days from 5 to 7 November 2014.
KHANA holds the PEPFAR-USAID sponsored Orientation Meeting today, 17 October 2014, at the Green Palace Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. “The meeting today gives us great opportunity to highlight the Year-2 HIV/AIDS Flagship achievements and the HIV/AIDS Flagship Project Work-plan Year 3 to our partners and concerned stakeholders including our donor,” said Mr. Choub Sok Chamreun, Deputy Director in charge of Operations and representative of the consortium partners of HIV/AIDS Flagship.
Our work is made possible through contributions and support from the following partners: