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 Annual Report 2004

Author: KHANA

No of pages: 20

Publication date: 2005

Publisher: KHANA

Available languages: Khmer

KHANA is a national non-government organization (NGO) committed to developing more effective community responses to HIV. In 2004, KHANA supported 71 local NGO and 11 community based organizations (CBOs) in 14 provinces and 2 municipalities. Community action remained at the heart of our work, and scale up of this work reached unprecedented levels of scope and coverage.  


The 2004 Annual Report highlighted KHANA’s activities and achievements in response to the needs and challenges of community led action in the HIV response.


During 2004, KHANA continued to foster grassroots NGO development and promote civil society involvement in the response to HIV. KHANA was involved in implementation of 117 projects including 49 for home based care, 17 for prevention, and 20 for integration of prevention and care services and income generation activities.