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Mid-Term Review of the Sustainable Action against HIV and AIDS in Communities
(SAHACOM) Program

Author: Heng Sopheab and Tuot Sovannary
No. of pages: 88
Publication date: 2013
Publisher: KHANA
Available languages: English

With funding support from USAID, the Sustainable Action against HIV and AIDS in Communities (SAHACOM) program has been implemented since 2009. The overall goal of the program is to improve health and quality of life of Cambodian people by reducing the impact of HIV and AIDS, especially among MARPs. The overall objective of this review is to review and document information relating to the implementation of the integrated, care and prevention (ICP) and focused prevention (FP) component of the SAHACOM program.

The review used quantitative and qualitative methodology to assess the impact of the main project outcome indicators. The overall findings showed that 75% of PLHIV felt they would be able to access health services by themselves if there was no referral support. 92% of PLHIV were currently on ART. High level of school attendance and relatively low school absence were observed among OVC. Generally, OVC reported a high level of satisfaction with various aspects of quality of life and support services.  More than 90% of EW had been tested for HIV within the last 6 month. 80% of EW reported consistence condom use with client but still relatively low with their sweethearts. 87% of MSM had been tested for HIV.