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Harm Reduction Model of Comprehensive Drop In Center for People who use drug: Operational Research of KHANA Meanchey Drop In Center

Author: Tuot Sovannary and Heng Sopheab

No. of pages: 36

Publication date: 2012

Publisher: KHANA

Available languages: English

KHANA Meanchey Drop in Center provides a wide range of activities and services for people who use drug (PWUD). This include peer networks, referral to methadone maintenance treatment (MMT), a earning center for medication prescription and counseling, a research center for drug related health issues, a center for IEC, and provision of capacity building support for implementing partners. The operational research was conducted to assess the innovative model of the centers.
Both quantitative and qualitative was conducted. The overall finding showed the uniqueness of the comprehensive service provision at the center, the integration of gender perspective into its services, the establishment of an enabling environment and the recruitment of the PWUD/PWID as peer outreach workers. In addition, it has been found that the success of the center is strongly associated with the level of political support for drug program in the country.