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Annual Report 2009

Author: KHANA

No of pages: 19

Publication date: 2010


Publisher: KHANA

Available languages: English and Khmer

KHANA is the largest national non-government organization (NGO) working in the HIV sector in Cambodia, providing high quality care, support and impact mitigation programs for people affected by HIV, alongside focused HIV prevention for most at risk populations.


The 2009 Annual Report highlighted KHANA’s achievement, challenges and further directions. KHANA was selected to lead operation of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance Regional Technical Support Hub for South East Asia and Pacific (SEAP). KHANA also became the first linking organization of the Alliance to gain full accreditation.  KHANA made strong contributions to the national response and toward achieving Cambodia’s Universal Access targets. Implementing partners delivered 59% of the home and community based care for PLHIV nationally, and referred almost 100,000 PLHIV and OVC to health services. Linking HIV and AIDS to other sectors and sustainable development approaches through partnerships was shown to be essential for a more sustainable and comprehensive response.