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International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights
The version of the International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights consolidates the Guidelines first published in 1998 and revised Guideline 6 first published in 2002. Because of the consolidation, paragraph numbering has changed, and references to the Guidelines should include reference to the consolidated version to avoid confusion as to paragraph numbering. Other minor editorial changes have been made with regard to the introduction, summary and use of some terms. For example, “HIV/AIDS” is usually shortened to “HIV” and is intended to include both conditions, and “PLWHA” has been changed to “PLHIV”. Other than that, the content of the Guidelines has not been revised or altered.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights urge governments, non-governmental organizations, the United Nations system, and regional bodies to benefit from and build upon these Guidelines, and continue to find ways to operationalise their commitment to protect human rights in the response to HIV.