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Both Meas Chantha, 40, and his wife, Chim Mao, 39 are HIV positive. The couple lives in Trapaing Chhouk Village, Angtaso Commune, in Svay Chrum District in Svay Rieng Province. When they were first diagnosed, Chantha and Mao recall experiencing significant discrimination and stigma from their community. The community looked down on the couple and their lifestyle. However, with just a $40 grant, hard work, and determination to improve their quality of life, the couple successfully established a profitable small business and asserted their value to the community.

In 2009, the couple received a $40 grant to buy and raise piglets. When the piglets grew into pigs, the couple sold them and bought four more piglets. This time, when they sold the pigs, the couple decided to use the profits to purchase three female pigs, rather than piglets. They planned to use the three female pigs to produce piglets themselves, rather than buying them. The couple hoped this change would improve their socioeconomic situation.

Their entrepreneurship and commitment to bettering their lives proved successful. Soon after purchasing the three female pigs, the pigs gave birth to 32 piglets, which Chantha and Mao sold for $80 each, earning a total of $2,560. With the money they earned, the couple bought a rice milling machine to feed the pigs.

Now the couple is well-known and respected within the community. They are considered role models for other struggling families. With the money earned from their business, Chantha and Mao were able to build themselves a new house, complete with a pond to raise fish and chicken coops to raise chickens. The couple is also able to send their children to school, thus giving them a better, more secure future. The family also helps monitor village safety, and are working to shut down human trafficking venues in their area. By working with other families and OVC, Chantha and Mao are helping improve the life chances of individuals- especially the youth- in their community.