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The Key Correspondents (KC) Team is a vibrant network of citizen journalists who report from 50 countries around the world. A large number of Key Correspondents are people living with or affected by HIV. All the Key Correspondents are volunteers, and include those working in advocacy, media, health, and community development.
Key Correspondent health blogs document local realities and give a voice to the voiceless. From personal struggles for healthcare to the way in which community action tackles HIV, the stories told are as diverse as the Key Correspondents themselves.

Key Correspondents ‘speak their world’ in order to make the world listen. By posting dispatches and engaging in debate, they are able to communicate the reality of community development to decision makers as a way to advocate for political and social change.

The Key Correspondents team is an independent network supported by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. The Alliance provides long distance mentoring, training opportunities, and international platforms to showcase Key Correspondents’ work. KHANA works closely with the network of Key Correspondents in Cambodia. Please see the KC website for further information:
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